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There are many kinds of people in the world, thankfully.  Without differences, I’d be incredibly bored.

There are many who write random thoughts, poems, songs, whatever.  There are many who enjoy reading these random thoughts, poems, songs.  I think there are people who are lonely and stricken with pain and this forces them to engage in obsession in another through words written in blogs, for instance.

And then there are some who take bits and pieces of another’s writings for their own, just enough to let the original writer of where it came from know that they are watching from a distance.   It is these readers that are prisoners of their obsessions, chipping away at themselves bit by bit, word by word that they take freely as their own, until finally they have nothing.  Empty.  Without their own identities to write their own thoughts, poems, songs from their own hearts and heads.

It is these readers that make me cringe and block eventually.  The notorious privacy settings if I must, contact administrators if I must, take appropriate actions as necessary.  So with that, I continue on, going about my day writing and hitting private to avoid these types of people.  Those who need a life of their own.  You know who you ARE.

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Rocky Life and I am Found…

I’ve often thought about studying the properties of each and every healing stone to benefit my massage and polarity clients, but get a little stuck after just a few.  Those that stand out are usually those that are familiar to most, and those that fall by the wayside are those I’ve never heard of.

Life is interesting, in that we find things with such meaning to our spirits, physical selves, emotional needs, at just the right times.  For instance, in the midst of my post-partum angst with a wailing colicky baby and much time on my hands when she finally DID sleep, I had such an enormous amount of  energy to expend from the mere stress of it all.  I had begun contemplating a garden for weeks prior to birthing her, and now, at the tail end of April, seemed the most precious time to start.

The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and Spring had really just sprung.  This eyesore of a piece of land next to our house at the time, a place where brush had built up on the left side of our house for years (we’re talking over 15 years!) and a place that held many items cast off by my then-husband were the beautiful properties appearance.

I began clearing items one by one, many old rusty heating ducts, piping and the like, others including a weathered bar that once had sat in his kitchen before I met him, many stones of various sizes – some the size of boulders–arranged randomly atop and tucked deeply into the soil.  This was going to be tough but I had the energy of 10 women prior to a road race for a cure.

I began weeding out the unbelievable growth of grasses, spent shrubs that had the look of misery to their very roots, and anything else undefined but contributing to the deteriorated look of this land.  Little by little, day by day while my daughter slept soundly, I dug and weeded and yanked, and contemplated what exactly we would do with this property once it was finally cleared.  I thought of clearing, then asphalting the area to create a basketball court for my oldest daughter, Jennifer, who at the time was 14 and playing with her school team.  I thought about a plush and thriving garden that would benefit the family in so many nutritious ways on so many levels of health.  I thought about that boulder that I was never going to remove out of my sheer weakness to its weight and enormous size, entrenched deeply at the left corner of the land I was clearing

On the night that I finally had finalized my decision to create this into a beautiful rich garden, it was following what I had also found in this paramount effort to beautify my love of the land I was seeing as I cleared it.  I had found many fossils of cows and horses, a sure memoir to the creatures who had once grazed and fed there one-to two-hundred or so years before, those who had been eventually buried next to the old farmhouse we lived in.  I came upon fossils I could not determine which body parts some were, but just the same were very interesting and kept me busy thinking of the history of this property one hundred or more years prior to our living there.

As a family, we decided that a garden was the best idea finally because of its soil, rich and dark, filled with nutrients that would help us all thrive physically and mentally.  The food and herbs I was thinking of that I would plant!

After toiling for well over three weeks into the Spring, I uncovered a beautiful stone, around 15 inches in diameter.  I held the stone up to discover its beauty as I rested in the center of my would-be garden, dirty, sweaty and excited, with the sun shining overhead.  It was pale pink, variegated pinks throughout.  It was as smooth as a treated stone, but in the rough I had discovered it.  It was beautiful.

I took a break for some strawberry lemonade, went inside with this gift to google what I thought the name of this and its healing properties were.  I was right — it was a rose quartz.  The healing properties it had and how it connected to my life at that time and what I needed in my life most of all were found in this stone for me.  I was truly amazed at the gift found in the rough.

It was then that I placed it atop the flagstones I had dug up throughout this process (so many that I now had an entire stone border to this garden, a plot the size of roughly 10′ x 15′.  Now it was time to plant the corn, Italian green beans, carrots, pumpkins, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and whatever else we thought of as we went along.

Baby Naps

Garden Baby

My baby girl soon awoke after this gift of a find I had discovered.  The stone, the Rose Quartz, was testimony to what I would soon discover in my own life a year later.  Its healing properties:

ROSE QUARTZ – Love, peace, happiness, healing of emotions, known as the children’s stone, soothes restlessness, fretfulness, good for teen angst, opens heart chakra.

The Gift

The Gift of Healing

A year later, I met with many people that without whom I had never met would have never discovered the joy I have found in my life now.  That was ten years ago this month.  And I am happy to be here in my other garden, building and contemplating once again as I go along.  Who knows where this garden will take me?

Out of interest to anyone reading this post:

metaphysical properties:

AMAZONITE – Good for breast problems and assists in throat and thyroid problems.  Reduces anger and irritability in the home and work place. Combats sexism.  Opens throat and heart chakras
AMBER – Stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities.  Helps healers stop absorbing negative energies.  Helps improve short term memory, relieves stomach ailments, soothes sore throats.  Speeds cell regeneration.  Also good for relieving depression and anxiety.  A stone of courage.  Opens solar plexus chakra.
AMETHYST – Courage, psychic energy, dreams, healing addictions (especially alcohol), peace, happiness, love, opens crown chakra.
AMETRINE – Cleans and balances the aura, replacing negative with positive energy.  Good for all healing work as it can remove pain or blockages, physical or psychic.  Helps break bad habits.  Helps get teenagers out of bed and keeps them out of trouble.  Good for out-of-body experiences.  Opens crown chakra.
ARAGONITE (ORANGE) – It is healing for many parts of the body, but especially for ovaries and prostate gland.  Holding aragonite before healing sessions allows energies to center.  Excellent for jagged nerves and frayed tempers.  Opens sacral chakra.
AVENTURINE – Money, luck, mental agility, visual acuity, peace, healing, opens heart chakra
AZURITE WITH MALACHITE – Powerful psychic and spiritual healer especially when used with prayer.  Cleanses the higher aura levels which, if blocked, can suppress the body’s natural immune system.  In meditation, helps connect to cosmic and divine energies which may make you more sensitive to the suffering of others.  Opens crown chakra
BLACK ONYX – Emotional balance, self-control (especially in sexual matters), binding (especially against someone else’s magic, protection, strength, opens root chakra
BLACK TOURMALINE – Love, friendship, prosperity, business, peace, sleep, energy, courage, protection, inspiration, opens root chakra, helps purify the body of toxins and waste
BLOODSTONE – Courage, Strength, victory, wealth, self-confidence, success in business and legal affairs, cleans the blood, relieves menstrual and menopausal symptoms, opens root and sacral chakras
BLUE AGATE – Agates foster love, truthfulness, courage, bravery, strength, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, security, Persuasiveness, agreeability, congeniality, compatibility, creativity, acquiring wealth.  Opens the heart chakra.
BLUE LACE AGATE – Relieves sore throats and thyroid problems, headaches.  Calms stress related conditions. Healers should carry it to replenish diminished healing energy.  Opens the throat chakra.
BROWN ZEBRA JASPER – Jasper is said to balance the vibrations of the body, and has been used for the treatment of gall bladder and kidney problems. Greek warriors carried jasper into battle with them for courage. Jasper helps with negativity, nurtures energies, gives strength, and insight.
CARNELIAN – Courage, sexual energy, verbal skills, peace, alleviates jealousy, apathy, fear and rage, opens solar plexus chakra, helps alleviate arthritis in Men (coral is better for women)
CELESTITE – Celestite advances channeling; brings about information/light, core soul healing, spiritual and karmic growth. Use this lovely gem to communicate with your guides. Evokes peace and the ability to flow with life. Enhances musical qualities, tap into the notes and vibrations of the astral plane.   Opens throat chakra.
CHALCOPYRITE – It helps remove energy blockages and encourages the movement of chi and has thus been used in acupuncture and acupressure. A very useful stone for those practicing Tai Chi or “soft” martial arts for all of the above reasons. This beautiful, copper based crystal also possesses the protective qualities of pyrite.  It can be used in the treatment of bronchitis and disorders of the lungs. It has been used in the treatment of violent and/or highly infective disease.  It has also been used to lessen fevers, to reduce inflammation, and to promote hair growth
CHIASTOLITE – Chiastolite is primarily a stone of balance, stability and harmony, as traditionally indicated by the cross.  It can help with physical, mental, intellectual and emotional stability, enhancing problem-solving and adapation to change.  It enhances spiritual awareness and inspiration and is used in astral travel and practical creativity.  Used for healing rheumatism, blood disorders; helpful with veins, blood circulation, balance of blood pressure, lactation.  Specific use in balancing all base chakra energies.
CHINESE FLOURITE – Green – Aids the teeth, bones, blood vessels, lungs and spleen. Beneficial for arthritis, sore throats, ulcers, indigestion and insomnia.  Opens throat and heart chakras.
CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE – It is a stone that awakens your true purpose in life and lends the support and courage necessary to follow your dreams. This stone brings unexpected opportunities (luck) once you have stepped on a chosen path. It helps one to start and to continue.   Meditate with chrysanthemum to assist in overcoming fear and obstacles.
CHRYSOCOLLA – Also called the “Crystal of the Goddess” – is known as the woman’s stone because it heals all women-specific problems, especially those related to hormones and reproduction, from puberty through the end of earthly life.  Eases childbirth if held during labor.  Eases pain and fever in all.
CITRINE – Psychic powers, protection, creativity, sexual energy, deflects nightmares, helps digestive system.  Works on Liver, spleen and gall bladder.  Relieves back pain and allergies.  Protects against negative people.  Opens crown and solar plexus chakras.
CLEAR QUARTZ – Universal healer.  Intensifies energy of other stones with which it is carried or used, absorbs energy from the sun to be released as needed for crystal work, opens crown chakra
DALMATION JASPER – Cleanses and gently energizes the auric field.  Also improves state of internal organs, helps problems with constipation and irritable bowels.  Soak several stones in the pet’s water overnight to help with their digestive processes. (Don’t just leave stones in their water dish)  Opens root chakra
ELESTIAL QUARTZ (SMOKEY) – A grounding stone which helps integrate earth energies and structure them for use by the individual.  Purifies the emotional body.  Excellent healing tool, especially for skeletal issues.  They can be used to support any healing work.  Opens all chakras.
GARNET – A steady warmer, it heats cold fingers and toes, improves sluggish circulation, relieves rheumatic joints.  Use it for fertility and to stimulate healthy antibody growth against virus, especially winter illnesses.  Opens the root chakra.
GOLD TIGER’S EYE – Courage, prosperity, protection, energy, luck, judgment and common sense, honesty, divination, eases depression, reduces cravings, promotes balanced health, opens solar plexus chakra
HEMATITE – Grounding, calming, healing, divination, intuition, physical strength, restful sleep, opens root and solar plexus chakras, draws out pain, helps with blood pressure problems.
HERKIMER DIAMONDS – Found only in Herkimer, NY, these diamond shaped quartz crystals are valued as a New Age stone because their unrestricted growth in soft mud makes them one of the prime liberators of the human spirit.  Stops physical burnout and activates the body’s immune system.  Stone of beautiful dreams and accurate dream recall.  Opens brow/crown chakras.
HYDROZINCITE – This mineral can be used in the treatment of brain disorders, both physical and mental. It can also be used to help balance the liquid in the body, stimulate healthy hair, and assist in the elimination of toxins. It can dispel the fear of water.
JADE –  Attracts good fortune and prosperity to the home and workplace.  Repels negativity from others.  Jade is excellent for interpreting your dreams.  Effective against lung, eye, bladder and kidney problems.  Known as the “luck” stone.  Opens heart chakra
KYANITE  (BLUE) – Kyanite helps the healthy development of cells from womb to extreme old age.  Allows us to develop our full potential spiritually and physically.  Encourages creativity.  One of the best stones for past-life recall.  Kyanite opens psychic channels.  Aids in neurological disorders.  Opens brow and heart chakras.
LABRADORITE – Strengthens the immune system and repairs the aura.  Helpful for improving vision, especially at night.  Inspires novice and experienced psychics.  Helps children express their imaginations and develop a sense of humor.  Stone for guide and guard dogs.  Opens solar plexus chakra.
LAPIS LAZULI – Relieves  headaches & migraines, skin disorders and anxiety and aids problems with lymph glands, ears and eyes.  Helpful with children with Aspergers Syndrome or autistic tendencies.  Opens brow/3rd eye chakra.
LEOPARDSKIN JASPER – Called a stone of regeneration it can make you feel and look younger if you carry it with you.  Useful for all skin problems.  Helps with infections.  Strengthens the link between animals and children.  The ultimate stone for contented cats.  Opens brow/throat chakras.
MALACHITE – Cleansing and protective crystal for the industrial world.  Cleanses the auric field and aids heart, stomach, liver and lungs.  Eases migraines and kick-starts the immune system.  Filters pollution and toxicity of noise, over-bright fluorescent lighting and harmful rays emitted by electrical equipment.  Opens heart chakra
MOLDAVITE – A very powerful healer for body, mind and soul.  A stone of transformation, showing you the path to enlightenment then moving you along that path.  Called the Grail stone.  Moldavite can make some dizzy, flushed or spaced out when you first use it.  Use it to open and clear/heal all chakras.  To the left is a brief history of Moldavite.
MOONSTONE – Grounding, love, divination, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, harmony, peace, travel, helps prevent night terrors in children, aids in healing women’s health issues, opens sacral and brow chakras
MOSS AGATE – Worn next to the skin, encourages new growth of healthy cells and tissue.  Helps fight cold and flu.  Acts as a filter to protect your aura from negativity.  Slowly attracts money or promotion.  Beneficial to those who work in horticulture, botany, alternative medicine like herbalism.  Attracts friends to children who are lonely.  Opens heart chakra
OBSIDIAN – A natural pain reliever, improves circulation.  Stress absorber at home and work.  Dampens inner anger and frustration at others incompetence.  Creates the impetus for change.  Opens root chakra.  Opens sacral chakra.
PEACOCK COPPER – This mineral increases your perceptive abilities. It assists you in pulling ethereal energy to you to bring information to you and others.  Peacock ore can be used to break up energy blockages and can open up and cleanse the Crown Chakra. It makes an excellent meditation stone.
PHANTOM QUARTZ – Helps healers to see the root of the problem.  Assists tissues and organs deep within the body.  Look through it to see benign ghosts and old houses or ancient sites.  Keep phantom quartz in a room where you sense a paranormal presence to help the ghost move on peacefully.  Opens brow and crown chakras.
PICTURE JASPER – Supports bone growth and healing.  Helps to emotionally reconnect to the energy of the planet.  Stone of dreamwork  and visioning.  Opens 3rd eye and root chakras.
PINK OPAL – Emotional healing, brings peace and release to one’s heart.  Helps those with excessive fear and worry.  Useful in instances of erratic or irregular heartbeat.  Supports the lungs and usage of oxygen by the body.  Opens heart chakra.
PURPLE OPAL – Helps clear tension headaches and ear problems, sinuses, throat, tonsils.  Helps build resistance to cold/flu.  Opens crown/brow chakra
RAINBOW MOONSTONE – Helps to alleviate post-operative stress for women who have had surgery relating to breasts, ovaries or womb.  Helps children with speech or learning difficulties.  A wish stone for long-term projects.  Use in love rituals and for all full-moon magic.
RED CORAL – Primarily a fertility stone for women, coral also eases menstrual cramps and regulates monthly flow.  In older women, coral warms arthritic bones and joints.  Brings luck to the home and protects it from inclement weather.  A good amulet against accidents.  Opens heart chakra.
RED JASPER – Healing, protection against physical and psychic attack, health, beauty, energy, returns negative energy to sender, opens root chakra
RED TIGERS EYE – Helps tired blood to rejuvenate and restores natural rhythms to the female menstrual cycle.  Increases male potency.  Sharpens eyesight, especially night vision.  Brings both money and good luck to the home.  Protects ground travelers. Like all tigers eye, increases clairvoyance.  Opens root chakra.
RHODONITE – Rhodonite protects against negativity from both psychic attacks and the spite of others.  Encourages patience.  Recommended for healing wounds and scar tissues, relieving autoimmune conditions, ulcers, lesions and skin conditions, especially allergies
ROSE QUARTZ – Love, peace, happiness, healing of emotions, known as the children’s stone, soothes restlessness, fretfulness, good for teen angst, opens heart chakra
RUTILATED QUARTZ – Helps to slow the progress of chronic diseases like bronchitis or asthma and assists in regenerating tissues and brain cells.  Increases sexual desire in older people.  Good for contacting guardian angels, fosters telepathy and increases clairvoyance.  Opens solar plexus chakra
SARDONYX – Eases back and spinal pain, menstrual cramps, bowel or bladder problems.  Good for all legal matters and for obtaining justice.  Helps find lost animals:  hold it in your power hand and call the animal.  Opens root chakra
SELENITE – Selenite heals the cells of the body and ensures the fluid system flows harmoniously, including spinal fluid.  Improves skin tone and increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium.  Used as a wand to direct healing energies.  Protects health of pregnant women and unborn children.  Increases libido.  Opens brow and sacral chakras.
SERAPHINITE – Often referred to as “an angel stone” due to its feathery look and strong Air to Earth qualities, Seraphinite is said to help facilitate contact and communication with the angels of the highest level.  It is also said that this stone is the leading health-enhancing stone of this age, as it is fairly new to the eyes of the world and it is believed that its time has come to be front and center.  In Chakra work, placing a piece of Seraphinite at the Crown Chakra will help align and balance all the Chakras
SMOKY QUARTZ – Restores energy after illness or depression, melts energy blocks in limbs, adrenal glands, pancreas, kidneys, reduces anxiety, relieves sexual blocks and aids insomnia, aids meditation, opens crown and root chakras
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – Grounding, divination, protection, deflects negativity, new beginnings and hope, clears away illusions and prevents daydreaming, opens crown and root chakras
SODALITE – A cooling stone, helps to calm racing pulse or high blood pressure.  Gently balances blood-sugar levels and relieves inflammation, pain from burns and problems with ears, throat, sinuses, mouth and thyroid.  Good for enabling meditation and creative visualization.  Opens throat and brow chakras.
TOURMALATED QUARTZ – Restores balance to body, mind & spirit, unclogs arteries and heals scars and lesions in the body and on the skin.  Helps to relieve sinus related headaches.  Helps people suffering from Aspergers Syndrome and other personality problems.  Opens crown/brow chakra.
TOURMALINE (BLACK) – Love, friendship, prosperity, business, peace, sleep, energy, courage, protection, inspiration, opens root chakra, helps purify the body of toxins and waste.
TREE AGATE – Helps relieve small bone, vein and capillary problems.  Very good for calming people worried about their health.  Helps children to become more reflective, especially those  who rush from disaster to disaster.  Helps networking  in business.   Protects while traveling by plane or car.  Opens crown chakra.
UNAKITE – Enhances personal power, changes negative energy into positive energy, triggers the body’s self-healing process, opens the heart chakra.
ZEBRA STONE (jasper) – Helps connect to mother earth and to infinite energy in the universe.  Protects one’s aura.  Stimulates energy and stamina.  Good for bone disorders, osteoporosis, teeth, gums, muscle spasms and heart palpitations.


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